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Current Accounts


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How to Open an Account ?



Download or obtain Account Opening Form from the nearest branch, fill it up properly and deposit the same with the branch of your choice along with the following :-


 Furnish proof of Photo identity(shown as Annexure 1)



Furnish proof of Residence (shown as Annexure 1). ORIGINALS be shown only at the time of scrutiny of papers/ Business address.



Furnish PAN or declaration of Form No.60 as the case may be.


Furnish 2 photographs of all the prospective account holder(s).




Introduction about you from a person known to the bank preferably by an Account Holder of the Branch, whose account has run satisfactorily at least for the past six months.




Furnish undertakings/ documents/ declarations as applicable. Please refer Current Account opening form for details.





Minimum deposits.




In Rural /
Semi Urban branches

In Urban /
Metropolitan branches

Rs. 2000

Rs. 5000